High security

Anti Bump: with a tubular key bulb, it prevents the opening with the bumping technique.

Anti Extraction and breakage: the attachment of the bulb to the plate prevents the extraction and breakage of the bulb.

Anti Turn: a rotating cap and a central body in one piece, prevents being forced with a Stilson key.

Anti Pick: the bulb has been designed to prevent its opening by pickax.

Anti-Drill: the stainless steel bulb offers greater resistance to the drill.

Anti-Drill Plate (optional): to reinforce your security in hollow doors and storage rooms.

Latch model CSI

• Stainless steel cylinder and keys
• Base plates and stainless steel mechanisms
• Iron bar and zamak casings
• CSI: Interior opening without key and exterior with key


The stainless steel cylinder and keys are just a sample of the quality it has. In addition, it stands out for its extreme resistance, tenacity and hardness to the drill with bits. The plates, the pinion and the push button are also made of stainless steel.

It also stands out for its anti-wear capacity, which allows more than 100,000 movements.


Comfortable: opening and closing quickly and efficiently with a single turn of key.

Silent: the smoothness of its operation makes it very comfortable and silent.

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