The multi-patented MT5 mechanical platform from Mul-T-Lock

As a leader in high-security enclosure solutions, Mul-T-Lock’s MT5 platform is designed to offer maximum protection, flexibility and comfort and to meet the needs of customers in any sector.

MT5 and MT5 + combine protection elements to create both double and triple enclosure mechanisms and offer the highest levels of enclosure security:

Telescopic pins

The technology of telescopic, well finished and innovative Mul-T-Lock pins make them effective and reliable.

Alpha Spring

The special patented mobile element, the Alpha Spring, located at the end of the key, provides an additional level of security for improved protection.


The added value of MT5 + is an enclosure mechanism with a powerful side bar that interacts with the horizontal pins for extra protection.

The mt5 key

  • Advanced key control – through a key card with a unique Mul-T-Lock code, only readable for authorized Mul-T-Lock managers with KC5 machines.
  • Master key options – supports the most complex organizational needs.
  • Scalable and customizable – the MT5 platform can contain any type of environment with various formats and customized features to meet all operational needs.

The mt5 card

The MT5 key is backed by a magnetic card that is unique.

This card significantly increases the level of security and must be delivered to the locksmith in order to double the key.

Completely reinforced

  • Anti bump, anti pick, anti break, anti extraction, anti drill.
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